: : Material Comparison  - Composites (FRP) as compared to other products : :



Steel Products Wooden Products PVC Products Composite (FRP) Products
Weight/Sp.Gravity 7.86 Kg/m2/mm. 0.80 Kg/m2/mm. 0.95 Kg/m2/mm. 1.40 Kg/m2/mm.
Surface Finish Poor. Poor. Extremely Flimsy & Shabby Looking. Extremely Smooth, one piece moulded.
Effect of Heat or Sunlight No effect but retains heat for much longer period. Quick ageing due to direct heat & sunlight. Deformation occurs due to heat & colour fades due to UV rays from sunlight. No effect of heat or sunlight as it is made with UV protected additives.
Rattling Rattles very much & produces uncomfortable sound. Rattles less but makes cracking sound because of joints. No rattling but other sounds due to corrosion or screws in frame work. FRP products being made from sound dampening material do not make any noise.
Safety against accident/natural calamity Dangerous due to heavy weight & possibility of joint failure due to corrosion in rains. Due to heavy weight & possibility of joint failure due to corrosion in rains they are unsafe Not very safe as sharp edges of aluminium  frame work may injure people around. Safest due to light weight & low specific gravity. No harm even in the most critical circumstances.
Insulation for heat Bad. Better Average Very Good.
Corrosion Maximum Corrosion. Warpage and expansion due to high water absorption. Speedy bio-chemical degradation. No warpage or Corrosion since all the products are moulded.
Repairing More difficult as involves hot process.

Difficult & time consuming.

Can be done by specialized persons only. Though an expensive process, repairing can be easily done on site by skilled labour.
Sizing/Machining Not possible easily. Possible by expert carpenters. Can be done by specialized person only. Sizes can't be altered since pieces are moulded.
Maintenance Very frequent painting is required. Frequent painting/polishing is required. Machining the swelling in wood during rains is required for maintaining smooth operation. Less possibility for maintenance. Aesthetics have to be sacrificed if maintenance is attended. Zero maintenance & no recurring cost since no absorption of water and negligible effect of UV rays/Sunlight