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Composites are an innovative and cost effective solution!


The Composite Advantage...

  • High strength to weight ratio composites weigh 32% less than aluminum and the fibers can be oriented to maximize performance.

  • Radar transparency Glass fiber and organic matrix are relatively invisible to microwave (radar) transmissions.

  • Productivity In some applications, such as highly contoured parts, composites are more economical to produce than metals.

  • Fire resistance Composites can be designed to withstand 2000 F open flames, surpassing aluminum.

  • Corrosion resistance Composites exhibit exceptional corrosion resistant properties.

  • Retards Chemical Attacks - Protect steel, concrete, wood, and other surfaces against acids, salts, solvents, alkalies and other chemicals.

  • Fight Moisture Damage - Safeguard floors, trenches, wells, pump bases, reservoirs, and tanks against moisture and water exposure.

  • Eliminate Downtime for Repairs - Hardens / cures within hours. The moulding can be repaired / reworked easily at site.

  • Desired Finish - FRP products can be moulded as per the designs. Extremely smooth one piece moulding replaces shabby looking fabricated MS claddings. The product can be easily painted to get the desired surface finish.

  • Other Impact resistance, electrical insulation, thermal insulation, shock absorption, and more.

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